Maximus’ first beach trip| A photo diary.

Today we took Max to the beach for the first time. It felt incredible to get out of the house for the first time in weeks and spend time as a family outdoors since the government now allow it.

We decided that our first trip out would be the beach, so we visited duridge bay in Northumbland. Because:

A) Its only a half an hour away from our house and

B) it is a bit more rural than the beaches in north Tyneside so it makes it easier to socially distance ourselves. (In theory.)

Our theory was right because it was way quieter than I expected and super easy to distance ourselves from other family. Max had the best time and loved the sand, and he would have paddled in the water all day if we had of let him.

We dressed max in comfort rather than style but the pants he had on where particularly handy for a beach day. They are cotton roll ups from hnm so they are great for when the sun gets too strong as you can just loosen the buttoms and roll them down into pants to get cover from the sun.

So without me rambling too much here are some pictures of our day out.

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