A quick life update | Returning to work in the middle of a pandemic and baby talk.

While I’m here, I thought I would give you guys a quick life update.

I did it! I went back to work, and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Even if I did return slap bang in the middle of a pandemic (only me.). I missed Max like crazy but I knew he was safe at home and that helped me through it. I work in a Referral/Emergency Animal Hospital so I didn’t have much time to think about it if I’m completely honest. It was a bit strange with all the new no contact rules and a closed door policy but it’s a quick-paced environment so before I knew it, 12 hours was up and I was back with my little one again.

Talking about my little one. Max is now 10 months old, still no teeth and is trying hard to speak. We are currently getting very long chains of ‘ba’s, bee’s and bobs’.

He can coast around furniture and can let go and stand up on his own, so hopefully he will be off on his own before we know it! .

If you have read any of my posts before you will know Max has a CMPA (Cow’s Milk Protein Allery.) <br>We are currently on step 4 on the milk ladder but had a bit of a reaction. So, it’s setting us back a month. But I’m just glad we got so far in the first place. (Hopefully, we will see an improvement when we try again).

Max has also gone up a size in clothing, so we have had to buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes for his growing self. (Not that I am complaining I LOVE baby clothes shopping.)

Tracksuit from Zara kids, Denim from H&M.

(Question: Would any of you be interested in a baby clothing haul? I’m not sure if it’s something many people would be interested in so let me know as I’m really obsessed with some of the pieces I got this time round!)

We have just celebrated Max’s first Easter. It was spent in isolation but he got loads of dairy-free choccy (We will only give him a tiny bit, responsibly.) and some clothes. But my fav of all is this cute Jelly cat rabbit we bought. It’s becoming a tradition that we get him a Jelly cat for every occasion, as he got one for his first Christmas and has one ordered for his first birthday.

So that’s all today, Folks.
There is not really much you can update on when you can’t leave the house.

(Oh and PS. You can follow my everyday insta @tootsridley)

– Toots x

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Hi, I'm Toots, 26. Animal Managment graduate, swing dancer and mother.

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