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Grabease cutlery set| a review

I recently purchased the Grabease cutlery set for my 9-month-old son and thought I would share my thoughts on them.

This is not an add I just like the product and thought it could be helpful…

Max is a mix of BLW and spoon-fed but more recently he has been able to handle a lot more substantial food and I have wanted to start to incorporate cutlery into his food routine.

Now I know that using utensils is not something that is not going to happen overnight but when my partner came across the Grabease set and showed them to me, I had to give them a go.

Priced at £15.99 on Amazon, I would not say these where the cheaper side of baby utensils, however, Max has used them a lot more and managed a lot better with these than your regular weaning spoon.
Grabease’s short handles are ergonomically designed to fit the babies pincher grip and because of this, I have found I naturally gravitate toward using these over any of his other spoons or forks.

Although I wish they came at a cheaper price point, the Grabease fork and spoon set has given me confidence at mealtimes. They have an anti choke barrier and I feel comfortable giving Max them to use while eating and he is getting used to using them.

Other things you should know :
-They come with the cute, handy-dandy pouch you see above
-BPA free
-Dishwasher safe
– And each item you buy from Grabease contribes to feeding kids. One item = one meal to a child in need.

Have any of you used the Grabease cuterly and if so what did you think ?

– Toots x

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Hi, I'm Toots, 26. Animal Managment graduate, swing dancer and mother.

4 thoughts on “Grabease cutlery set| a review

  1. My little granddaughter would sit in her high chair spooning soup into her mouth and missing every second time. I would be ready with my spoon for a follow up. Ah, those were the days.


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