Day 3: 10 likes and dislikes

10 likes and dislikes for the #toots30daychallenge.

I thought was going to be a pretty easy one. But then I agonized on how I was going to lay it out for about 20 minutes before realising it didn’t matter and it was just a good way to bullet point as a way to get to know me better. But I also realised 10 likes and 10 dislikes is hard to choose.
-Toots x


1- I love Swing Dancing. I have tried to get back into it as much as possible since giving birth. But I love all things Lindy and Collegiate Shag.

2- The Sims series – Yes, that’s right. I’m a slave to EA. I could seriously sit on sims for days at a time if life would allow it.

3- Cream Soda – Now here me out I know this is a weird one. But recently it’s all I want to drink and the nostalgia is just too real.

4- Cossato prams – I recently switched from my silver cross wayfarer to a cossato buggy as Max is getting bigger and my God it makes my life so much easier. They also come in SUPER funky designs. (Mine is a dinosaur and I love it) Not spon. Just really love there buggies.

5- Plants – I will be the first to admit I am a plant horder. I AM ADDICTED. I think they make any room look better and cuter. Orchids, monsteras, prayer-plants, aloe vera… you name it, It’s probably semi- dying on my kitchen window sill.

6- Bournville Chocolate – Now I was never a dark chocolate girl but since Max has a Dairy allergy and thus, I have had to cut out dairy I feel like Bournville has come to the rescue on many occasions for that chocolate fix.

7- The Sea – I interned in an aquarium for 2 years. and even till the day I left I was still facinated by every creature in there. If i think of the perfect day I think of being by the water.

8 – Caffine- If there are any mothers on here without being caffeinated up to there eyeballs please share with me your wisdom.

9- Disney – it might come as a suprise, I am a massive disney nerd and I could sit and watch movies all day if I could!

10- Brunch – A wide spectrum of things I’m sure but I cannot get enough the pancakes, the avo and the AM mimosas.


1- waking up – I am honestly the worst morning person. I mean I function but nearly. I am always a bit of a grumpy until I get my morning coffee.

2- The act of travelling- Now I love going to new destinations and would love to take max around the world. But I wish there was an easier more efficient way of getting there. Cars, planes and trains all make me squiffy.

3 – Soya milk – Now I will drink soya if I have too but my question is why would you choose it when there are so many other alternatives. Coconut is my current fav.

4 – My hair – my hair is a birds nest, putting it nicely. It is so super frizzy and takes so much time to do anything with that it just literally looks like an unbrushed mangled mess. Unless I spend like 3 hours doing something with it (which I don’t have time for)

5 – Being Late – I hate being late, I hate other people being late without reason. It’s just super annoying.

6 – Violife – Who is it kidding trying to be cheese. It’s so clagy and sticks to the roof of your mouth.

7 – Washing – Specifically clothes washing. And more so since Max was born. I can never seem to keep on top of it and putting it away is BORING.

8 – Wedding planning – I am super excited to marry my partner but my God I hate wedding planning. I got a package with my venue and they are amazing but I still have a lot to organise and I just would rather not. 😅

9 – Being Alone – Now, I am always with Max or with my partner. But even before Max was born I would make a point of being out the house or with friends. I could spend all my time with Dan if the world would allow it!

10 – Being Sick – I cannot stand being poorly. I hate feeling helpless and not being able to keep myself busy. And lying in bed all day seems like a waste and getting up feels like torture. There is just no winning.

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