Butterfly World | Happy Birthday, Dan.

Not your regular type of blog post, but this week it was my wonderful husband – to – be’s 27th birthday. So, we went on a little day trip about an hour away from home to visit ‘Butterfly World’. My partner took the day off work and we embarked on the family outing to see some Lepidoptera and explore the nearby, Preston Museum.

I personally would not recommend this activity for an 8 month old as he did try and squash the butterflies with no mercy and it did prove to be quite the work out on our part. (Luckily, no butterflies got harmed during this outing 🤣). However, he did watch them flying around and it was lovely to see him interacting with nature. Butterfly world is 100% somewhere I would love to come back to when Max is older, as it will be a great educational trip to teach him about the life cycle of a butterfly!

Anyways, it was a wonderful, sunshine – filled day and it was great to spend some quality time as a family. So I thought I would share a couple of photos from our day. Let me know in the comments if you have ever visited Butterfly world and your thoughts!

– Toots. x

Published by Toots

Hi, I'm Toots, 26. Animal Managment graduate, swing dancer and mother.

3 thoughts on “Butterfly World | Happy Birthday, Dan.

  1. Maybe you could get one of those bug screens for the baby’s stroller if you want to go back while he is still little. Then he can look but can’t touch. Looks like a good time! Happy birthday to Dan!

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